Compliance Check

Compliance Check and you will know everything about your customers

This service allows you to check your clients, specifically verifying their inclusion in particular databases, indicated below:

Counter-Terrorism Lists
Lists drawn up by legislators and institutions from various countries;

Italian Anti-Money Laundering Lists
Containing more than 400,000 names of individuals and entities involved in crimes of this type in Italy, in accordance with the provisions of international law;

LIP Lists
Containing the names of Local Italian Politicians (regional, provincial and municipal);

International PEP Lists
Containing more than 400,000 names of Politically Exposed Persons from over 240 countries, identified based on the anti-money laundering directives of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and relevant global legislation;

Lists of Illegal Gambling Sites
Indicating redirect sites and international companies that own sites without authorisation from the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies (AAMS);

Blacklist & Watchlist
Containing the names of persons sought by national or international investigation authorities, such as the DIA, FBI and Interpol, as well as governments, persons included in the lists of judicial authorities or government agencies, and persons served with orders issued by financial authorities, such as FINMA, or supervisory authorities.