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The first Detective Agency specializing in
Business Security Intelligence

We are an international investigation agency with headquarters in Lugano, licensed by the Cantonal Police - Republic and Canton of Ticino pursuant to the Private Security and Investigation Services Act (LPPS) of 09 November 2020 (RL 550.400) for the performance of investigation and information gathering activities concerning persons.

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How much does a private detective cost? Transparency and no surprises.

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Concise and transparent reports, in 3 days.

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Documentary evidence valid in court


We support law firms, individuals, companies, insurance companies and health insurance companies in the management of operational, strategic, financial, information and image risks by providing a wide range of investigative, intelligence, due diligence, forensic, cyber security, data and information security.

Effective investigations and dossiers that can be used in court

INSIDE operates in the field of private, corporate investigations and business intelligence all over the world, providing concrete support to individuals, professionals and companies for the management and resolution of offenses committed by employees, partners or directors.

The strategic activity of Business Security Intelligence allows us to analyze, recognize, prevent and neutralize possible threats against our customers.

In particular, with our Data Cross Investigation method, we cross-reference commercial information with information deriving from investigative activity. In this way, we are able to provide a complete, precise and timely result to our customers.


Why choose INSIDE?

The first telephone contact, free and without obligation, allows our team to evaluate the best opportunities and solutions with the customer with targeted interventions and maximum confidentiality.
We allow our customers to make well-considered decisions based on clear estimates and technical intervention projects developed quickly, aware that our speed is the basis of the successful outcome of the investigations.
We are present all over the world, with Headquarters in Lugano in Switzerland and strategic offices in Italy (Milan and Rome), in England in London, in the United States in New York, in Russia in Moscow, in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai, in South Africa in Cape Town, in China in Hong Kong and in Brazil in Sao Paulo.
We always guarantee the compliance of our investigation activities with the law, to effectively protect the client’s rights in full compliance with the law.
During the investigations, our dedicated contact person constantly updates the customer on the developments of the activities.
At the end of the investigations, our legal experts draw up an investigative dossier, documenting the results with images and videos and validating their compliance with the law, in order to deliver it to the client with the guarantee that he will be able to produce it in absolute tranquility in all locations, including the judicial one.


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